The State of Georgia as well as cities and counties within the state offer incentives to new companies and established businesses.Therefore even after established, you can still take advantage of incentives designed to help your company grow.

Financial Incentives

  • Job Tax Credit
  • Special Headquarters Tax Credit
  • Child Care Tax Credit

Tax Exemptions

  • Local Property Tax Exemption
  • County Inventory Tax Exemption
  • Computer Equipment Sales Tax Exemption
  • Pollution Equipment Tax Exemption
  • Primary Materials Handling Sales Tax Exemption
  • Manufacturing Machinery Sales Tax Exemption

Miscellaneous Financial Incentives

  • Fee/Payment in Lieu in Taxes
  • Tax Exempt Industrial Revenue Bonds
  • Reduction in Tap-in Fees

Workforce Incentives

  • Employee Screening
  • Quick Start Pre-employment Training
  • Intellectual Capital Partnership Program (ICAPP)
  • Hope Scholarship and Hope Grant

Operational Incentives

  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Georgia Technical Institute/Facilitech

Established Business Incentives

  • Job Tax Credit
  • Investment Tax Credit
  • Research and Development Tax Credit
  • Rapidly Growing Small Business Tax Credit
  • Retraining Tax Credit