Hear from our Summer 2021 Interns about their experience at WTCSav.

Q1: How has the WTCSav Internship Program prepared you for entering the job market?

Isaac: Being in a professional office environment allowed me to become comfortable and confident and learn valuable lifelong skills. I am now confident in my ability to succeed in my career and equipped with the skills to do so.
Kelsi: I was fortunate to work with online programs and databases that I would not have access to in the classroom. I now better understand the work involved in economic development and how it impacts communities everywhere.

Q2: What advice do you have for current students looking to get an internship?

Isaac: Apply to internships that will teach you about yourself. Internships shouldn’t just be about padding your resume, they should also be about figuring out what you want to do in your future.
Kelsi: Don’t be afraid to apply for a competitive internship of interest to you. Be confident in yourself. Even if you’re not sure you have what it takes to get the position, know that it never hurts to try and you might land an internship you never thought you could!

Q3: What was the most rewarding part of your internship? What have you learned?

Isaac: Having the opportunity to work on active and relevant projects was incredibly rewarding. Seeing my research used in presentations was always a wonderful feeling, and the process of producing professional-quality work is an invaluable learning experience.
Kelsi: All the work I completed has been used in some way to help Savannah and the surrounding areas, and that is the most rewarding part to me. Because of this, I have become more confident in my work and abilities.

Q4: What do you wish you knew before interning that you would like to share with other students?

Isaac: Take the initiative. You should always ask if there are additional tasks you can help with because you never know what other opportunities might arise from them. Any opportunity given is a learning experience, and you want to seize as many as you can.
Kelsi: Always ask for help when you need it. If you are unsure about an assignment or task, there is no harm in getting clarification. A lot of times, those conversations would have much more meaning than just a simple answer.

Q5: Would you recommend other students complete WTCSav’s Internship Program? If so, why?

Isaac: Yes! Not only does this program allow you to learn about an industry from successful business people, but it allows you to work alongside them and grow professionally.
Kelsi: I absolutely would! The environment at World Trade Center Savannah and the Savannah Economic Development Authority is very welcoming, and it is an experience you cannot find in an academic setting. You get a glimpse at the “real world” and meet amazing people who will help you further your career. It is a perfect learning and networking experience.

Isaac Lichtman

Isaac Lichtman

Trade Services Intern

Business Administration in Economics Major; History Minor
University of Georgia

Kelsi Simpson

Kelsi Simpson

Economic Research Intern

Business Administration in Economics Major; Theatre Minor
Georgia Southern University