In September, World Trade Center Savannah announced its list of target countries. The target countries are: Canada, Germany, Ireland, Ghana, Japan and the United Kingdom.

The countries selected hold the most potential based on existing assets, industries, connections, relationships and investment. World Trade Center Savannah’s board and staff examined and evaluated dozens of criteria that directly affect international commerce throughout the region.

The six-month long, in-depth and ongoing analysis used more than 20,000 data points, including both qualitative and quantitative information. The data covered a wide range of factors including raw import and export data, non-governmental entities facilitating trade, World Trade Centers’ presence, free trade agreements, airport access, already existing trade agreements, regional businesses with partnerships abroad and more.

“As a part of World Trade Center Savannah’s strategic plan to elevate Coastal Georgia on the global business stage, the organization develops the list of countries for proactive engagement,” said WTCSav Vice President Brynn Grant. “In 2012, this exercise began as a project to understand how the Coastal Georgia region is connected to the rest of the world and how those connections evolve. The effort resulted in a target country process that helps the team advance the mission of WTCSav through data-driven decision making and focused efforts.”

Some highlights outlined below on the target countries:


  • Georgia’s top export market at $6.1B
  • Six World Trade Centers
  • Canadian Consul General based in Atlanta
  • 25 Canadian companies in region
  • Nine inbound/outbound delegations since 2016



  • Sixth largest import market in Savannah
  • Two World Trade Center locations (Dublin and Belfast)
  • Irish Consul General based in Atlanta
  • Seven Irish companies in region
  • Georgia Southern University’s Sav/Wex Axis Project
  • Wexford-Savannah TradeBridge initiative
  • 11 inbound/outbound delegations since 2016


  • World Trade Center Accra
  • Bi-National Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta
  • Relationships with high level national Ghanaian leadership
  • One inbound delegation since 2016
  • WTCA General Assembly to be held in Accra 2021
  • Rich in natural resources, largely untapped


  • Georgia exports to Japan totaled $1.36 billion in 2017
  • Three World Trade Center locations
  • Georgia International Trade office in Toyoko in operation for 45 years
  • Consul General in Atlanta
  • Two inbound delegations
  • Savannah’s 4th largest import market
  • 23 Japanese companies operating in region
  • Southeast U.S. Japan Conference 2019 to be hosted in Savannah
  • High-tech manufacturing and services sectors

United Kingdom

  • Georgia exports to the United Kingdom totaled $1.28 billion in 2017
  • Five World Trade Centers
  • Georgia International Trade office in the U.K.
  • Consul General in Atlanta
  • Savannah’s 3rd largest export market
  • Four inbound/outbound delegations

The research conducted by WTCSav is a central and ongoing process at the core of the organization, as it shapes the direction for educational programs, trade services and outbound trade missions. The research will also be of value to WTCSav Economic Development Authority and Business Partners throughout the region as WTCSav works with them to evaluate this data in addition to supplementary figures based on their target industries and markets.  For more information on the 2018 target countries, contact WTCSav Manager of Trade and Research, Jessie Bynum.