Thomas & Hutton

Thomas & Hutton provides a myriad of civil engineering and civil related services to our public and private clients in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and throughout the Southeast.

A conversation with Samuel McCachern, PE, CEO of Thomas & Hutton

Tell us about Thomas & Hutton.
Thomas & Hutton is a privately held, homegrown firm founded in Savannah providing comprehensive solutions to complex engineering and design challenges to a diverse group of private and public clients. We stand as one of the most well-respected and established multidisciplinary firms in the region, branching to nine communities throughout the southeastern United States, including Atlanta, Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia; Charleston, Columbia, Greenville and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Nashville, Tennessee.

Our projects go beyond job numbers. The facilities, systems and places we design are embedded in the communities where we work. They build a sense of prosperity, create jobs and provide a safe and thriving environment for all citizens. Our employees are driven by their passion and desire to improve quality of life and make the world we live in a better place. This is done by designing with the future in mind. We create devices, techniques and implement strategies that make our designs timeless, providing longevity and vitality for our clients and the communities they serve.

Another critical element of Thomas & Hutton’s culture is our sense of community, both internally and externally. Our offices build camaraderie and strengthen connections through fun company events, outings and parties. Many of our employees are active board members for various local non-profits in our communities. We give back in various ways through financial and service contributions through fundraising events, such as Jeans Day Fridays, Office Olympics, chili cook-offs and ice cream socials – to name just a few. We also understand donating our time is important to help those in need. Thomas & Hutton’s Helping Hands program is an internal monthly service-based volunteer program where we donate “sweat” hours to help local non-profits in our communities.

What services do you offer?
We provide quality services and project support to our public and private clients including civil, structural, environmental, and transportation, engineering; land surveying; landscape architecture; land planning; Geographic Information Systems (GIS); and construction administration. We offer services of much larger firms while maintaining a personal touch with clients. Our experience with the various permitting and regulatory requirements allows us to help clients succeed throughout the Southeast, completing projects on time and on budget for clients of all sizes.

We have heard that Thomas & Hutton offers geothinQ. Tell us more about that.
The geothinQ platform was created internally at Thomas & Hutton to simplify the laborious and time-consuming process of compiling land data like ownership boundaries and environmental layers for clients. We saw an opportunity to streamline this approach and thus geothinQ was born. The geothinQ platform is a fast and easy-to-use mapping tool for finding and evaluating land.

The success of geothinQ for Thomas & Hutton and its clients has led to our expansion from a southeastern coastal footprint to a nationwide mapping platform available online for land stakeholders across disciplines such as real estate, land development, civil engineering, land acquisition and management, energy, economic development, site selection and municipal government. Data within geothinQ is on-demand, up-to-date and easily accessible to help examine the potential risks and rewards surrounding a property. geothinQ empowers land stakeholders with the knowledge they need to negotiate land development and acquisition opportunities.

Why do you love coastal Georgia?
Coastal Georgia is where Thomas & Hutton’s roots were planted and where our multiple branches began and took shape. It is a unique place where the intersection of history, architecture and coastal location result in a heritage all its own. This culture is the foundation of the communities we serve, so we take these elements into consideration when planning facilities and systems that will serve them. We are proud to call coastal Georgia our home.

What makes coastal Georgia a great location for businesses interested in expanding into the U.S.?
In addition to the southern charm and culture that coastal Georgia is known for, our geographic location makes our region a significant economic driver in the greater Southern United States with international reach. Right in our backyard, the Port of Savannah is the world’s largest and fastest growing container port, opening our region to international commerce. Furthermore, Coastal Georgia’s position between I-95 and I-16 provide access to the southern and midwestern regions of the country within a day’s drive.

What advice do you have for companies that are considering expanding through global markets?
It is no secret that strength in community and building long-lasting relationships is fundamental to Thomas & Hutton’s way of doing business. For companies looking to expand their reach, begin by looking to the people within your own network. Local opportunities for a joint venture or distribution of goods and services could begin with the people you already do business with. Finally, invest heavily in technology. Many international connections are made virtually these days. Spend as much time cultivating your face-to-face persona, as you do your digital one.

Describe your experience with World Trade Center Savannah.
Thomas & Hutton has worked with World Trade Center Savannah for several years including a worldwide geothinQ mapping tool for highlighting how Savannah is connected to the world. We have also shared goals for economic development and growth for our region. At Thomas & Hutton, we live in the communities we serve, and our goal is to make the place we live and work better with every project. World Trade Center Savannah does a great job representing and showcasing our region globally.


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