McIntosh County Industrial Development Authority

In Darien and McIntosh County, you will find a wide variety of available state and local incentives; a ready, able and accessible workforce; and an industrial complex with infrastructure. The low cost of land and availability of support services make Darien and McIntosh County a prime location for a diverse range of business interests and employers.

Situated in the heart of the tranquil South Georgia coastline lies historic McIntosh County. This quiet coastal community boasts about ambitious plans for development on the coveted waterfront. Dawn Malin, CEO of McIntosh County Industrial Development Authority, shares big plans for the area that have attracted the attention of developers and investors to revitalize the Darien downtown area. “There is enormous potential within McIntosh county,” Malin stated. “We are a travel destination as well as a globally-minded community that asks the question, ‘Where can we look next?’”

A conversation with Dawn Malin, CEO of McIntosh County Industrial Development Authority
Tell us about McIntosh County
McIntosh County is a historic region in the center of the Georgia coastline. It promises a serene and peaceful atmosphere within driving distance from some of the region’s largest hubs of business, such as Savannah and Brunswick. The region offers various features including beaches, golf courses and sport fishing that attract an array of tourists— a sector that shows promise with increasing development opportunities.

Why is McIntosh County a great location for business?
McIntosh County’s location puts it within an hour’s drive from two international airports, access to I-95 as well as two major ports, the Port of Savannah, the fourth-largest container terminal in the United States and the Port of Brunswick, the number one port for new auto imports. Although the county-wide population is relatively small, the size of the surrounding regional labor market is impressive. Additionally, we are working on projects that will spur job growth to align that labor force.

What are the current business highlights in McIntosh County?
Called Oaks on the River— Currently, a portion of Darien’s historic River bluff is being revitalized into a retail and commercial space that is designed to attract jobs and visitors for years to come. The project will see the construction of high-end condominiums, restaurants, retail space and a boutique hotel. The two-phase project will create 64 jobs and over $10 million in investment that will bring nearly $500,000 in tax revenue to the area. Click here to learn more about the development.

Why do you love Coastal Georgia?
We don’t see county lines— our workforces and resources are shared across the region. Georgia has been ranked the number one state to do business in for five years in a row, and that is because of the resources available to us, as well as the culture of business in this area. Jobs that benefit our neighboring counties will in turn benefit us all.

How did you learn about World Trade Center Savannah (WTCSav)?
I learned about WTCSav as part of the Southeast Georgia Joint Development Authority. We are long-time partners.

Describe your experience with WTCSav.
We have been impressed by the ability of WTCSav to use the tools at their disposal to help many counties research foreign markets and provide education to local businesses about global trade. Because of their proven ability, we plan to utilize WTCSav’s services more within our own economy in our future endeavors.

What advice do you have for other development authorities that are considering expanding through global markets?
Although McIntosh County is small, we consider ourselves as a global-minded community. In terms of opportunities for expansion, we ask ourselves the question, “Where can we look next?”. The world runs on international trade and moving towards that is essential to growth.


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