Georgia Power

For almost a century, Georgia Power has been helping hometowns across the state grow and prosper. Georgia Power understands that growing a business or a community is a big job. To help you navigate the journey from where you are to where you want to be, their team of seasoned experts provides free consultation and services.

A conversation with Jason Coley, Community & Economic Development Manager, Coastal Region for Georgia Power
Tell us about Georgia Power.

Everyone knows Georgia Power as a leading utility in the state, but our reach goes beyond electricity. What not everyone knows is that we do a lot of work to support Georgia communities and citizens through economic development, job creation, and educational support.

What kinds of services do you offer to regional businesses?
As a community development manager for the coastal region, I work closely with the local development authorities to provide leadership development and strategic planning, to prepare them for new prospective businesses. I also work with existing industries to support expansion efforts and increase jobs and investment in our local communities.

What makes coastal Georgia a great location for businesses interested in expanding into the U.S.?
One of the biggest selling points of doing business in our state is our access to the national and global market, and that starts right here in coastal Georgia. Between the ports, the rail lines and interstates, and the world’s busiest airport, it just makes sense. It’s a big part of the reason Georgia is known as the best state for business.

What makes Georgia Power unique?
The most common thing we hear is that our partnerships are unlike any others. We work hand in hand with the state’s economic development team as well as local organizations. We truly all have the same goal of strengthening the state, and increasing opportunities for Georgia’s families.

Why do you love coastal Georgia?
There are so many great opportunities for people that live along the coast. My favorite aspect about living here is the numerous outdoor activities that can be enjoyed almost year around. With the vast waterways, beaches, golf courses, state and national parks – it is a paradise for the outdoor enthusiast.

How many markets do you serve?
I support 23 counties in Southeast Georgia

Describe your experience with WTCSav.
World Trade Center Savannah is a true partner focused on attracting and supporting direct capital investment into Coastal Georgia and the state as a whole. For seven years, we have partnered with World Trade Center Savannah on an event that brings foreign businesses to the Coastal region. Through this event, we are able to showcase the assets and business environment that the coast has to offer and connect World Trade Center Savannah members with foreign companies considering expanding into the US. The level of experience and professionalism at World Trade Center Savannah is unmatched!

What advice do you have for companies that are considering expanding through global markets?
If there is a company that would like to expand their business or sales into the global market, then World Trade Center Savannah should be on their radar. With the network of WTC’s throughout the world, World Trade Center Savannah can help a business make the connections needed to be successful.


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