Trade Services

World Trade Center Savannah is home to a wealth of domestic and international resources available to help businesses in Savannah and the surrounding area as well as international businesses looking in the Savannah region.

With our association with the World Trade Centers Association, including more than 300 World Trade Centers worldwide, World Trade Center Savannah can provide up-to-date information by region, including industry, marketing conditions, government regulations and business culture. We perform market research and analysis, both domestic and international, tailored to meet specific needs. We deliver customized reports offering industry, product, region and specific research. We also provide detailed market reports on many countries and most industries in the Savannah region.

World Trade Center Savannah offers tailored trade consultation services, in which, members of our professional team work with your business to address specific goals and objectives, assess the potential for success internationally and provide guidance in developing a trade strategy. We also offer professional referrals and trade leads.

Specialized Trade Services include:

  • One-on-one consultation
  • Exclusive analysis by trade and cultural specialists
  • Facilitate entry into new, foreign marketsĀ 
  • Identify barriers to import/export and present tangible solutions
  • Establish trade partnerships
  • Private access to numerous databases
  • Ability to research products and industries on state, country and global level
  • International networking with public and private sector
  • Updates via E-mail and social media with news affecting markets worldwide
  • Country Briefing Packets for focused up-to-date information on any destination
  • Domestic and international resources to aid you in the global market
  • Partner you with bankers, lawyers and brokers to meet your specific needs
  • Translation, legal, logistic, travel and other professional referral services

World Trade Center Savannah Services

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